Intelligent Inline Ultrasonic Cream Cake Cutting Equipment

Intelligent Inline Ultrasonic Cream Cake Cutting Equipment

With the global economy to further accelerate the process of market-oriented, the current market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the face of unpredictable and rapidly changing market demands, the production model of food companies has had a tremendous impact, enabling food companies to explore or cite advanced production technologies to adapt to rapidly changing market and consumer needs.


 Intelligent assembly line production equipment is the core of high-end equipment of food production line, is the forefront of production equipment and manufacturing base, has become the food industry green healthy production competition. As the focus of the development of high-end food production and information technology and industrialization of the important embodiment of the depth of integration, CHEERSONIC production line of intelligent ultrasonic cream cake cutting equipment. This equipment consists of three parts, one is the ultrasonic cutting system, the second is the mechanical control system, the third is the transmission system. Ultrasonic cutting system is the use of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration on the tool, cutting food without sharp edges and a large force to avoid the generation of debris and butter sticky knife phenomenon. Mechanical control system is CHEERSONIC self-developed six-axis control system, flexible mechanical control, 360-degree free movement, high production efficiency, long-lasting operation. Transmission system, in order to maximize the efficiency of production lines, pipeline production area is larger, the conveyor belt width of 1.3 meters (according to the actual needs of customers and production adjustments), a larger production volume, pipeline production efficiency. CHEERSONIC development of intelligent inline ultrasonic cream cake cutting equipment for the system to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the food industry to enhance production efficiency, technology and product quality, reduce energy consumption, to achieve intelligent and green food industry is of great significance.

Application of intelligent inline ultrasonic cream cake cutting equipment can not only reduce people's labor intensity, save time and improve efficiency, but also allows people to get rid of heavy manual labor and backward economic and cultural life, the great liberation of productivity; application of intelligent inline ultrasonic cream cake cutting equipment can greatly simplify the complicated process of workers to achieve some manual processing can not reach the special processing results, both to ensure product quality, but also reduce the waste of raw materials, increased production and improve labor productivity. In addition, the application of intelligent inline ultrasonic cream cake cutting equipment to reduce people's direct contact with food and germ transmission opportunities, effectively preventing food contamination.

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