About us

Cheersonic ensure optional ultrasonic solution of food slicing liquid processing ,fabric processing and atomizing .we focuses on specially applications in wide industries of food ,medical, Nano,medicine,we continue to offer custom intelligent solutions for benefiting companies around the world.

1998-company established research and development center In Switzerland.

2000-cheersonic centre for the study of formal transformation and upgrading, to become a new technology companies, among them, the ultrasonic welding machine in the same year as an early ultrasound equipment for its rigid professional engineering technology and products passed the quality certification system, more make sales covering the whole of Europe.

2002-Cheersonic Ultrasonics(North America)Co., Ltd was founded in the United States, Texas, and began to carry out the adjustment of industrial structure in a phased manner.First ultrasonic liquid processing system designed and manufactured.

2003-First ultrasonic atomizing machine designed and manufactured.

2006-Ultrasonic cutting technology imported from Switzerland, and began to formal research and development production, to support the domestic food industry overall upgrade of old equipment.

2008-Factory to change address, in order to reach the efficient matching of ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic equipment, senior engineer team start of research and development and a number of trials.

2012-In some industries, cheersonic’s ultrasonic equipment market rate has reached 60%.