Autocut ultrasonic food cutting

Autocut ultrasonic food cutting

Ultrasonic food cutting line scheme is Cheersonic according to customer requirements development and the development of more humanized ultrasonic food cutting scheme. After on-the-spot investigation and representatives, chi fly ultrasound technology engineers will specify particular solution for the customer, to achieve optimum production line, the existing in the original mixture, baking unit, cutting unit forming a complete production line, packaging units to substitute the traditional cutting forming unit, using high-tech ultrasonic technology to achieve a higher quality of cutting effect, for enterprises to save manpower cost, material cost, time cost.


•Autocut ultrasonic slicing units are automatic range which are typically designed for large-size food manufactory with fast portion ting and large output.

•These ultrasonic food cutting units are suitable for soft or sticky food such candy bar, chocolate, gateaux, sponge cake and so on. The ultrasonic vibration on blade gives each slice clean edge.

•Our engineer teams could design or rebuild your current production line to meet your individual demand of ultrasonic slicing.

Autocut ultrasonic food cutting video

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