Ultrasonic Food Slicing

Ultrasonic food slicing

The traditional cutting is used with a sharp edge tool, press material to be cut. The stress concentration at the site of edge, the pressure is very big, than by cutting material shear strength, material molecules have been opened, will be cut out. Because the material is hard pull by powerful pressure, so the cutting edge should be very sharp, material itself under big pressure. For soft and elastic material cutting result is bad, the difficulty of viscous material.

Compared to traditional food cutting knife, ultrasonic cutting does not require sharp blade, also do not need a lot of pressure, will not damage to food. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration cutting knife doing, small friction resistance, by cutting material is not easy to stick on the blade. The viscous and elastic material, frozen, such as cream cakes, ice cream, etc.



•Energy efficiency

•Easy-to-change diameters

•Respect for the highest standards of health and safety

•Safety control by a two-hand operation


More application in the application in the cake, cheese, pizza, sandwich, ice cream, the dough, pie, etc.

Ultrasonic food cutting video

Standard unit ultrasonic food slicing

ultrasonic knife

CS1000DC ultrasonic generator

FZ100A ultrasonic generator

FZ100A ultrasonic generator

ultrasonic knife


ultrasonic knife100


Ultrasonic knife


Ultrasonic knife


Ultrasonic knife


Ultrasonic knife



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