Procut ultrasonic food cutting

Procut ultrasonic food cutting

The high production of ultrasonic cutting equipment is to be able to cut food baking, frozen products. This equipment adopts the product positioning, according to the demand for cutting. By cutting product placement in ultrasonic food cutting  equipment, equipment is on the basis of the prior input product positioning, cutting parameters on cutting automatically finish the homework, without human intervention, so as to improve the work efficiency.


•Procut ultrasonic cutting machines are professional range which are typically designed for medium-size food manufactory with medium output.

•These ultrasonic food cutter are suitable for soft or sticky food such candy bar, chocolate, gateaux, sponge cake and so on. The ultrasonic vibration on blade gives each slice clean edge.

•It allows a sophisticated control system with user-friendly operator interface.

•It offers 6-axes of movement which let the blade could move in several orientations.

Procut ultrasonic food cutting video

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