Mask spot welder

KZJ100 mask earband ultrasonic spot welder is the latest product of Cheersonic, which is suitable for applications with power requirements not exceeding 500 watts. Welders can be used with appropriate handheld devices or they can be connected directly to the converter / supercharger / horn set for automation. Ultrasonic spot welding machine has the characteristics of fast welding speed, high strength, beautiful welding seam, good sealing, low energy consumption and simple operation. It is the development direction of welding machine.

When the ultrasonic mask machine spot welder acts on fabric materials, it will generate high-frequency vibrations of tens of thousands of times per second. Such high-frequency vibrations reaching a certain amplitude will cause local high temperatures. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, the temperature may not be timely Emitted, gathered in the welding area, causing the contact surfaces of the two plastics to melt rapidly. After a certain amount of pressure is applied, they are integrated. When the ultrasonic wave stops functioning, the pressure is allowed to continue for a few seconds, so that it solidifies and forms, forming a strong molecular chain, which achieves the purpose of welding, and the strength is close to the strength of the raw material.