Extraction of Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Due to Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment has the advantages of special effects, safety, and by global attention. Chinese herbal medicine effective component content in the extracted directly related to the finished product, affect the intrinsic quality, clinical curative effect and drug quality.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Extraction Results

Ultrasonic extraction device is the use of ultrasonic cavitation, mechanical effect and thermal effect in order to improve the contents of a cell penetrating power and transmission capacity, increase material molecular motion frequency and speed, increase the leaching rate of Chinese herbal medicine composition. Ultrasonic extraction equipment can help plants to the wall or tissue deformation, make Chinese medicine effective components extraction, more fully in 24-40 minutes to get the best extraction yield (withdrawal rate significantly higher than the traditional process of up to 50-500%), extraction time is greatly shortened 2/3 of the traditional method, medicine raw materials processing.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Extraction Machine

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Extraction Video

Standard Unit Extraction Solutions

Standard unit ultrasonic liquid processor

Automatic Extraction Solutions

Batch-Mode ultrasonic liquid processor

The labsonic 500 ultrasonic liquid processor

The Prosonic 1000 ultrasonic liquid processor

The InDsonic 3000 ultrasonic liquid processor

Inline Extraction Solutions

Inline Mode ultrasonic liquid processor

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