Batch-Mode ultrasonic liquid processor

•First insert the sonotrode directly into the processed liquid by installation on the tank housing. The quick-release flange has proven very useful for the integration.

•The liquid is being exposed, the intensive ultrasound sonication, the nearer to the sonotrode. For prosonic 1000 and InDsonic 3000 there is a mixer working under the tank to achieve a higher processing consistency.

•The processed liquid would be heat up quickly unless cooled down by a water bath or an individual exchange system.

•Typically used in high density or low-flow ability liquid processing such as oil, painting and so on.

Flow Mode

•The processing liquid continuously passes through the reactor chamber several times, for more intense ultrasound exposure.

•The processed liquid should be premixed in the tank with mixer.

•An individual heat exchanger should be used to cool down the processed liquid.

•For the processing liquid in batch mode is more than 6 liters we generally recommend to choose flow-mode for better achievement.

Ultrasonic liquid processor video

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