ultrasonic fabric welding&ultrasonic fabric cutting


Along with rising of the living standards, people are higher their requirement on cloth quality. Problem such as unravelling, edges and Unsightly made by traditional craft unable to meet those who seek high quality of life.

Cheersonic ultrasonic Cutting & welding machine can cut and welding material in perfect shape. For ultrasonic welding+ mechanical cutting, it apply to some sparse material which is easy to loose. Material will be weld first and then cut with ultrasonic cutting. The effect of Ultrasonic welding+ Ultrasonic cutting is the best since the ultrasonic cutting can cut and seal at the same time. In this way,it can guarantee the cutting effect.


The ultrasonic mechanical vibration is amplified, and transmitted to the Horn Surface through a Booster, and then on to the Horn.

At the point which the pattern roller and the horn meet, the pressure between the two condense the vibrations into energy. This energy then by disturbing the molecule or the material, generates heat and the heat will melt the thermoplastic fibers in the cloth ( or thermoplastic film or sheet ) which are fed in between them.

Benefits and Prospects

•No need sharp edge, lot of pressure, no damage of material damage.

•Allows weld materials with different melting points.

•Consistent material characteristics, guarantee the cutting shape after cutting,maintains loft, softness and air permeability of the material.

•Cutting and sealing at the same time.

•The cutting edge is perfectly sealed to prevent the loosely of material.

•High production speeds and effective.


Ultrasonic cutting & sealing is widely use in synthetic material area such as filtration, disposables, external fabrics, and medical cloths.

In addition to the cleavable glass fiber, carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber is particularly suitable for cutting.

ultrasonic fabric welding & ultrasonic fabric cutting

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