Sign Bread Ultrasonic Cutting (signer le pain découpe par ultrasons)

Combining ultrasonic technology with food cutting machines, CHEERSONIC develops ultrasonic food cutting equipment that can cut out the desired shape in any density and texture of baked products. Ultrasonic food cutting machine can improve efficiency, give more creativity, cutting speed, high cleanliness.

Cutting Diagram


Ultrasonic food cutting knife can control the angle, the angle between the blade and the bread can be controlled at any angle between 0-90 degrees, the angle between the blade and the bread skin can be controlled at about 45 degrees, like sticks, The edge of the knife with the axis can be 30 degrees angle, so that when the ultrasonic food cutting knife knife, the dough broken skin is not broken meat, less leakage, and bread roll up the direction of the horizontal (gluten is horizontal) In this case, when the angle with the axis of the small angle of the gluten in the dough when the thermal expansion of the tension is better, baked out of the knife-edge expansion of the shape will be more beautiful.


The maximum moving speed of the blade is 2000 mm / sec
Touch screen control interface, friendly man-made
Various cutting modes are introduced into programming
Smart positioning is the exact location and size of the product being cut
Easy to clean
Six-axis control system is more sensitive to mechanical operation

Sign Bread Ultrasonic Cutting

Standard Unit Portioning Solutions
Standard -Ultrasonic Blades
Standard – Ultrasonic Generators

Economical Portioning Solutions
Economy-HFC200 Ultrasonic Cutting
Economy-HFC300 Ultrasonic Cutting
Economy-HFM3000 Ultrasonic Cutting

High-Production Portioning Solutions
Automatic-UFM3000 Ultrasonic Food Slicing
Automatic-UFM5000 Ultrasonic Food Slicing

Inline Portioning Solutions
Inline-Ultrasonic Food Portioning Machine