solar glass coatings

Solar Glass

Solar glass refers to the latest research and development of application technology, add a layer of coating can use solar energy and power to the ordinary glass. On the edge of the glass after installing solar battery, mixed paint besmear is on glass surface, after coating to absorb sunlight will transmit the light with different wavelengths to install in the glass on the edge of the solar cell.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Atomizing Coating Machine

Ultrasonic spraying technology can be made under atmospheric pressure is compact and uniform nanoscale and sub-micron membrane, and raw material utilization ratio as high as 85% above, make the nanometer thin film to be large-scale industrialization. CHEERSONIC ultrasonic spray nozzle and the system can be used for all kinds of new glass coating process, such as the clean membrane, decreased membrane, insulation film, blocking light film, etc.

The Effect of CHEERSONIC

We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines. Contact CHEERSONIC today to test spray your products on our ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment.

Solar Glass Coating Video

Standard Unit Spray Solutions

Standard unit ultrasonic atomizing coating

Automatic Spray Solutions

Auto range ultrasonic atomizing coating

Inline Spray Solutions

Inline range ultrasonic atomizing coating

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